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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Grammy Gram from Slick

Haven't Posted in a while. Stop. Been Behind enemy lines. Stop. At the Moment nothing to report. Stop.

We have two shows this weekend. Stop. Dallas and Austin. Stop. Be at the Double Wide Friday and Emos Saturday. Stop. We play with our friends [Daryl], Golden Falcons, and the Flametrick Subs. Stop.

Ran out of money... Stop.
Posted by Slick Fifty Seven at 8:14 AM
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Hey there Slick Adorers,

The S - Five - Seven has been getting spins on 102.1 the Edge thanks to Josh and Chris Ryan. Be sure to send them your warm thanks and even more requests!!! We always thought the radio was bad, but now we're on it... Quite the conundrum now isn't it?

In other news, The Slicks are are getting antsy in the pantsies so you'll be catching em live at the Wreck Room this weekend and at Emos in Austin next weekend. So if you're at ACL and need AC (something ACL doesn't offer yee) come down to Emos and enjoy the soothing sounds and cocktails!

Radio Radio!!!

Posted by Slick Fifty Seven at 3:04 PM
Monday, August 08, 2005
Tummy Stickin!
We just got back from a nice little midwestern routing that met all expectations. We've discovered books on tape and the art of not taking showers and we love it!! Josh Venable is the daddy cuz he's been spinning Slick Fifty Seven's new hit single "The Beginning" on the Adventure Club on 102.1 The Edge - Your Modern Rock Alternative (2 Weeks in a row!). Every DJ at the edge will have copies of the new record by next week so prepare for a Clear Channel blitzkrieg!! We return with new shows of rock to celebrate the end of the summer. Fall is our favorite season, ladies. I'm shy but you're cute!!
Posted by Slick Fifty Seven at 10:40 AM
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Slick Message Board
Ahoy Neighbors! As you can tell, our "Forum" is not loaded yet. We've been slinging the scrill, showing up the hotels, and shooting the shizzle with all the shibang in the shay shay!!! Soon, it will be a haven for all of us to converse. Until then, check out our Myspace page and use it as a guestbook! Let us know how things are goin in your world. Keep it loosey Goosey.

We appreciate the support en route to world domination!!!!
Posted by Slick Fifty Seven at 7:40 AM
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